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  • Current Project  hanwha Aquaplanet Ilsan World’s fist Convergence Aquarium : 4,300 ton new-concept aquarium featuring both dolphins and tigers Convergence Aquarium
  • Performances 63 SEAWORLD An exciting cultural facility filled with stories : The Most enjoyable aquarium on earth, and A first, an imaginative SEAWORLD filled with stories
  • Performances hanwha Aquaplanet Jeju The natural seas surrounding : Asia’s biggest aquarium business, a new sightseeing attraction in Jeju
  • Performances hanwha Aquaplanet Yeosu The oceans of yesterday, today and tomorrow : Future-Oriented Aquarium showcasing the diversity of Yeosu’s ocean culture and the necessity of Preservation
  1. Planning

    Hanwha Hotels Resorts has created Korea’s top aquariums; 63 Seaworld, Aquaplanet Jeju, Yeosu and Ilsan.

    63 Seaworld, Korea’s first public aquarium, records 1 million of average annual visitors during its 30 years of operation. Aquaplanet Jeju ranks Korea’s largest aquarium. Aquaplanet Yeosu operates beluga exhibition as the first beluga exhibition in Korea. Also, as a brand-new concept aquarium, convergence aquarium, Aquaplanet Ilsan exhibits marine animals with land animals.

    Hanwha hotels Resorts has thorough experience in aquarium business. With these affluent experience in development and operation, we could provide you the most appropriate plan for your aquarium.

  2. Design

    Aquarium design/construction is a special area requiring experience and expertise for building appropriate marine creatures’ habitats.

    Hanwha Hotels&Resorts could provide the best aquarium design which goes well with the concept. With our experience in operation of various types of aquarium also could help you to find the most suitable design for your aquarium.

  3. Construction

    Construction is to transform design into reality. Hanwha Hotels & Resorts has top technician team specialized in tank, LSS and DP construction for aquarium business.

    With long years of experience in aquarium business, we could help you to create the most suitable habitats for your marine lives which need special care for exhibition.

  4. Management

    Sustainability of aquarium is totally depended upon operator’s capability and it is not easy to be imitated.

    Hanwha Hotels&Resorts is named as the most experienced operator in the domestic market since it has 30 more years of operating experience in 63Seaworld. With these years of experience, it in charge of operating the largest aquarium in Korea, Aquaplanet Jeju, and the most unique aquarium in Korea, Aquaplanet Ilsan.

    With our broad range of experience, we could help you to operate efficiently.

  5. Animal Acquisition

    Animal acquisition is a core field for creating an attractive aquarium because it could heavily affect to quality of overall exhibition.
    The processes for animal acquisition are complicated. Therefore, it requires experienced staffs.

    With our experience, Hanwha Hotels&Resorts will lead you to the most efficient way for aquarium preparation.

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