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Aquaplanet 63

Exciting culture world with stories

  • One day, a wormhole was discovered in the basement of the 63 building.
    It turns out that the wormhole is a secret path leading to aqua planet!
    Through this secret path, we can cross time and space to explore every corner of this watery world.
    The aqua planet Galaxy, stretching across a valley and waterfalls, is home to a rich variety of sea creatures that live on the Golden Miracle.
63 Sea World Project Information
Project Outline Aqua planet 63 Aquarium Operation
Location 63 Building, Yeouido-Dong,Yungdeongpo-Gu,Seoul
Opening date Jul. 1985 Open / Jul. 2016 Renewal
Floor Area 3,100㎡
Water Tank Scale 1,000 Tons
Main Programs Golden Miracle Zone, Get closer to flying penguins, Fantastic Mermaid
Fish Species 250 species, 30,000 counts
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