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Hanwha Hotels & Resorts Aquarium Development Business

Hanwha Hotels&Resorts is Korea’s leading premium leisure service company. It operates hotel, resorts and golf clubs not only in domestic market but global market. It also has food and beverage business in 63 building.

Its 1st public aquarium, 63 Seaworld, opened in 1986 is under renovation construction and will re-open in June 2016. Hanwha expanded aquarium business by building 3 more newly-built aquarium which are Aquaplanet Jeju, Yeosu and Ilsan. With Aquaplanet Jeju, Hanwha now became to operate Korea’s largest aquarium containing 10,8000tons of water.

Hanwha Hotels&Resorts is a global company that would satisfy stake holders and our customers. Also it would strive to grow for making better future for our customers.


  • 2016.07 63Sea World renewal and reopen
  • 2014.04 Aquaplanet Ilsan open
  • 2012.07 Aquaplanet Jeju open
  • 2012.05 Aquaplanet Yeosu open
  • 2011.12 Hanwha Resort Haeundae Tivoli remodeling
  • 2011.07 Hanwha Resort Daecheon Paros remodeling
  • 2011.07 Seorak Waterpia Expansion and reopening
  • 2011.07 Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano open
  • 2011.05 Jade Garden Natural Arboretum open
  • 2010.01 Saipan World Resort acquisition
  • 2010.01 Corporate name renewal “Hanwha Hotels&Resorts"
  • 2009.12 Hanwha development Co., Ltd merged into Hanwha Resort Chosen as a Ilsan Seaworld preferred bidder
  • 2009.09 Yeosu Expo Seaworld O&M contract with EXPO committee
  • 2008.11 Jeju Ocean Science Museum O&M contract with Jeju Government
  • 2005.05 Launch F&B brand “Foodist”
  • 2004.09 Jade Palace Golf Club open
  • 2004.12 Ocean Palace golf club(Nagasaki, Japan) open
  • 1986.12 M&A Jung-A group
  • 1985.07 63 Building grand open
  • 1981.07 Hanwha Resort/Seorak with 768 rooms open
  • 1979.03 Hanwha Resort establishment
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