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Aquarium Project Examples Hanwha Hotels & Resorts Aquarium Development Business

Recent aquariums are not only tourism facilities but also visitors attraction culture centre. It allows group visitors, especially for group consisting of different age, to enjoy the exhibition together.

Examples the development of the world famous Aquarium

  • Department Store
    Shopping mall
    Increasing customers’attention Promoting building as a landmark
  • Luxury restaurant
    Maximizing marketing effect Enhancing interior design
  • Public Facility
    Creating an atmosphere calm
  • Theme parkIncreasing customer attention Enhancing attractiveness
  • Event
    Attracting attention by giving unique exhibition experience
  • Airport
    Creating refreshing atmosphere in waiting space Reducing fatigue in waiting by creating energetic environment
  • Academic Institution
    Provide educational program for ecology and animal conservation
  • Golf Clubs
    Club houses
    Green tourism, communicatesthe need for environmental preservation, exhibitions providing unique experiences
  • Power plantA “Green Aquarium” by using eco-friendly energy Promote green energy
  • Spa
    Creating special atmosphere by providing relaxation and entertainment
  • ResidenceInterior effect for luxurious space plan
  • Leisure
    Sports Center
    Creating dynamic atmosphere with natural surrounding
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