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Sustainability of aquarium is totally depended upon operator’s capability, and it is not easy to be imitated.

Hanwha Hotels&Resorts is named as the most experienced operator in the domestic market since it has 30 more years of operating experience in 63Seaworld. With these years of experience, it in charge of operating the largest aquarium in Korea, Aquaplanet Jeju, and the most unique aquarium in Korea, Aquaplante Ilsan.

With our broad range of experience, we could help you to operate efficiently.

  • Organization Building
    • Organization Building
    • Professional Staff Training
    • Academic Cooperation
  • Procurement&Animal Care
    • Animal Display Planning
    • Animal Breeding Planning
    • Animal Performance Planning
  • Marketing
    • Media Ad. Planning
    • Differentiation Strategy
    • Sales/Promotion Planning
  • Merchandising
    • Souvenir Shop Management
    • Product Sourcing
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